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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a limitation on the date animation films are shot?
A: There is no limitation on the date of shooting the film.

Q: May the film have entered another festival? Are there any limitations on this?
A: If the work has not given its copyright to the festival it was entered and if the contestant owns all copyrights to the work, there is no obstacle to enter it into our contest.

Therefore, it is advised to review the specifications of the festival the work was entered, to find out if the copyrights to the work were transferred to the establishment participating in the contest.

Q: It says that animations produced with 2D and 3D techniques may participate in the contest. Is it appropriate to enter the contest with an animation film produced with the Stop-Motion technique.
A: Stop-Motion technique is deemed to be a 3D animation technique. Therefore, you may apply to our contest with an animation film produced with Stop-Motion technique.

Q: Is there a TR41 region limitation to participate in the contest?
A: Clause 4 in the contest specifications applies to contestants:
“Turkish Citizen real persons and legal entities founded in Turkey according to the Turkish law, except for BEBKA employees and jury members and 1st and 2nd degree relatives in blood and in law of BEBKA employees and jury members, regardless of their age group, may participate in the contest. Not only may the contest be entered individually or collectively, it is open to everyone including students, amateurs and professionals. If a team of real persons enter the contest, firstly a team officer (owner of the work) must be chosen and each team member must fill and sign the Contest Participation Form in Att-1 and submit it to BEBKA.”
As seen in the aforementioned clause in the contest specifications, there is no TR41 region limitation for applicants. Applications may be submitted from all parts of Turkey.

Q: Is there a limitation on the theme of the contest? When is the application deadline?
A: With the latest modifications to the specifications, the theme of the contest was set free. Application deadline is 17 April 2015.

Q: I am a foreign student studying in Turkey. I would like to participate in this contest but I heard that foreigners could not. What are the participation conditions for foreign students studying in Turkey?
A: Per the specifications only Turkish citizens and legal entities founded according to the Turkish law may participate.
However, in case of participating in the contest as a team, if the person designated as the “Team Officer” is a Turkish citizen, foreign students studying in Turkey may apply as “team members.”

Q: May works produced with cut-out technique participate in the contest?
A: Yes, as the Cut out technique is evaluated under 2D design technique, they are accepted into the contest.

Q: The specifications contain the following statement “5.1 Cartoons (animation) need to be dubbed and subtitled in Turkish.” The animation I would like to send does not feature any dialogues. Would this constitute any issues regarding the aforementioned statement?
A: This statement in the specifications, only applies to works using language. If the work does not feature any dialogue, this statement will not apply. You may participate in the contest with a work that does not feature any dialogue.

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