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Power of moving lines

Maya the Bee, the Jetsons, Heidi, Candy Candy, the Flintstones and many more… The phenomenal cartoons of Turkey’s single channel televisions. A magical world going from one adventure to another and capturing the children of those years before the screen. Production companies such as Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Home, Pixar and DreamWorks which are the first ones to come to mind when we say cartoons, have been taking the big share of the pie for years. Canada is the hub of cartoons and incentives employments. England and France are in good places. India built an animation village and attracts significant investment. The industry is exempt from taxes in Greece. The great economy created by cartoons and animation industry, inspired the opinion that it is high time to take a step in Turkey despite being late. The fact that TRT Kids channel featured local productions, supported the cartoon market. The success of Pepee, the Turkish cartoon hero that emerged lately, has been a pioneer and a beacon of hope. The industry which mobilized, started producing one quality production after another. Great steps are being taken in the academic side of the matter as well. Turkey’s first Cartoons Department was established in Eskisehir Anadolu University. The school has contributed many qualified professionals to the industry and is continuing to do so.


Bursa Eskisehir Bilecik Development Agency is actualizing a first for the Turkish cartoon and animation industry in order to support developing industries and pave the way for entrepreneurs in line with its purpose of foundation. Holding the 1st Anatolia Cartoon Contest, BEBKA aims to increase the recognition and competitiveness of the industry in the national and international arena and to draw attention towards its potential. With a free theme, the contest is open to everyone in Turkey, whether they are amateurs or professionals. The Contest aims to announce the potential of Eskisehir which has come a long way in the field, in addition to the industry. The aim is to create the perception of “there is a cartoon school in Eskişehir” and attract investors with the contest. We should also provide extra information on the contest logo. The logo which features Nasreddin Hodja, tulip, Eti figure and a computer emphasizes a technological production with character and a soul. It is the time to produce a cartoon rather than watch one. The water is fine and the conditions are getting better. All we need is support and encouragement for the creative minds.


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