The first Anatolia Animation Contest is held by BEBKA this year.

The Contestants:
Turkish Citizen real persons and legal entities founded in Turkey according to the Turkish law, except for BEBKA employees and jury members and 1st and 2nd degree relatives in blood and in law of BEBKA employees and jury members, regardless of their age group, may participate in the contest. Not only may the contest be entered individually or collectively, it is open to everyone including students, amateurs and professionals. If a team of real persons enter the contest, firstly a team officer (owner of the work) must be chosen and each team member must fill and sign the contest participation form in Att-1 and submit it to BEBKA.

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First place prize: TL 20,000
Second place prize: TL 10,000
Third place prize: TL 5,000

Rules of Application

All applications are free of charge. Rules of application for those wishing to apply are as follows:

  • Complete the application form and send along with the film.
  • Complete separate application forms for each film to be sent
  • Contestants may participate with as many works as they please. A separate application must be filed for each work.
  • The permission of the legal parent or legal guardian is required for contestants below the age of 18. Complete the Parent Permission Letter in Att-3 for this.
  • The contestant shall cover the delivery expenses.
  • The Jury will generally evaluate based on presentation qualifications (idea, relativity, fiction, visual richness, etc.) and the animation technique. Evaluation criteria will be established by the jury.

It is expected that films will be prepared in a way to ensure purpose and meaning harmony and have an idea infrastructure and integrity. All products and services produced for the films, must be prepared in line with this idea infrastructure and integrity.

Films entered into the contest must be 1-6 minutes long minus the credits, must be dubbed, must have their sound, music and effects recorded and mixed using a 5+1 sound system, must be prepared in FULL HD PAL 16:9 (1920X1080), without any loss of colors and in MOV or AVI formats and submitted in DVD. Cartoons (animations) prepared with 2 and 3 dimensional animation technique may be entered into the contest.

No sponsors may be used to produce the films. No part of the film may feature any logos that may contain advertisement or belong to a sponsor and visual and audial content that may represent any brand. The films may not feature any element of political propaganda, vulgarity, insult and political/religious/ethical discrimination etc. or any criminal elements. All parts of the films including materials such as scenario, visuals and audio, must be personally produced by the contestant or their right to use must be owned by the contestant.

Right of Use of the Works

Any and all copyrights over the works entered into the contest will belong to TR Bursa Eskisehir Bilecik Development Agency free of charge and indefinitely per Intellectual and Artistic Works Law 5846. BEBKA shall have the right to publish these works which it acquired through the contest, via television, internet and any other medium, publish and distribute them in catalogues, fliers, posters, books, agendas, calendars, magazines, CD/DVD, video and other mediums, send them to domestic and foreign establishments and use them in any events held or participated by BEBKA.

Copyrights of scenarios, musics, quotes and other materials with copyrights of the animation films entered into the contest must have been obtained by the director/producer. The owner of the application/team shall be solely liable in legal disputes with third parties that will claim for material or moral reimbursement / right and collectibles in issues regarding copyrights. BEBKA hereby declared that it assumes no liability and responsibility in this regard.

The team officer submitting the application shall be deemed to have agreed to the candidate films being shown at events BEBKA organizes and/or attends, and being used for presentation and news on television and the internet.

Contest applications must be made by only one real person/legal entity. The applying real person/legal entity shall be responsible for the authenticity of the information on the application document, for the absence of any criminal aspects in the film and for not violating the rights of third parties, towards BEBKA. The signing real person/legal entity shall assume the legal responsibility arising from such information.

At least 6 cartoons (animations) needs to have been entered and passed the initial evaluation for the contest to be held. If this number is not achieved, at the sol discretion of the Jury or the Executive Board, only the incentive prize may be given instead of the money prize.

Cartoons (animation) need to be dubbed and subtitled in Turkish.

Contest applications must be made by only one real person/legal entity. The applying real person/legal entity shall be responsible for the authenticity of the information on the application document, for the absence of any criminal aspects in the film and for not violating the rights of third parties, towards the Agency. The signing real person/legal entity shall assume the legal responsibility arising from such information.

Information to be submitted with the works:
The films, in addition to the original format they were prepared in, a copy shall be delivered in the standard DVD format placed in cases that will prevent breaking and corruption. DVD cases shall feature the name and surname of the producer and the director, name of the film, its duration and production date. DVD copies will not be returned.

The written summary of the scenario (Outline) of the film entered into the contest must also be delivered.

In addition to the application form signed by real persons or legal entities, two screen shots of the film, background of the team officer with a photo (maximum 100 words) and the summary of the film (maximum 100 words) are also required. This information must be sent in a CD.

Method, Place and Time of Delivery:
The contestants shall personally bring or send via mail/cargo their works to be at the below address by 17 April 2015 Friday 17:00. The contestants shall cover the delivery cost. The executive board shall not be held responsible for delays and damages caused by the mail and cargo services.

Preparation of Contest Participation Envelope:
CD and hard-copy documents must be placed in a 17×25 cm envelope.

DVD prepared according to the rules in 5.8, the hard-copy documents specified in 6.3, the CD containing these documents shall be placed in a diplomat envelope (24×32 cm), the address of the secretariat the contest application is made to, shall be written on the envelope before sending.

If the owner of the work participates with multiple works, a separate participation envelope must be prepared for each work.

T.C. Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Kalkınma Ajansı
1. Anadolu Çizgi Film (Animasyon) Yarışması
Yeni Yalova Yolu 4. km Buttim İş Merkezi Buttim Plaza Kat:6 16250 Osmangazi/Bursa/Turkey

Evaluation and Prizes:
The initial evaluation shall be performed by the members of the Contest Executive Board and/or the experts chosen by the Contest Executive Board from outside. Eligibility of the candidate films according to application criteria is evaluated in the Initial Evaluation.

The Jury, compromised of 7 original and 3 substitute members, is made up of professionals of animation, cinema authors, film producers, scholars and persons from other branches directly or indirectly related to cinema by the Contest Executive Board.

The Jury

1)Associate Professor. Fethi Kaba – Anadolu University, Head of Cartoons (Animation) Department (Original)
2) Research Associate Tahir K. Aksoy – Anadolu University, Cartoons (Animation) Department (Original)
3) Turgut Akaçık – Director (Original)
4) Berat İlk – Canlandıranlar Association/ASIFA-Turkey Manager, Producer and Director (Original)
5) Sevilay Bozdemir – TRT Kids Channel Manager (Original)
6) Tamer Değirmenci – BEBKA General Secretary (Original)
7) Engin Yüksel – BEBKA Eskisehir Investment Support Office Coordinator (Original)
8) Ass. Prof. Sabahattin Çalışkan – Anadolu University, Cartoons (Animation) Department (Substitute)
9) TRT official (Substitute)
10) Feyza Yapar – BEBKA Planning, Programming and Coordination Unit Expert (Substitute)

Executive Board
On behalf of Bursa Eskisehir Bilecik Development Agency:
Tamer Değirmenci – General Secretary
Engin Yüksel – Coordinator
Jülide Alan – Head of Unit
Feyza Yapar – Expert

Support Unit
Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty Department of Cartoons (Animation)

The Jury makes its decisions with absolute majority (at least 4 votes) and provides justifications thereof. The Executive Board reserves the right to withhold the prizes in case of a lack of works worthy of the prizes.

An observer from the Contest Executive Board, without the right to vote, attends the Jury meeting.

If the Jury fails to find a work worthy of a certain ranking, the prize for that ranking shall not be awarded. Those making it into the rankings will also be given a Success Plaque.

The prizes shall be paid to the owner of the work who completed and submitted the application form, as a net amount with all taxes paid by the Agency. If the participation into the contest is made as a team, the payment shall be made to the person designated as the team officer and the Agency shall assume no responsibility over the distribution of the prize among the team members.

Contest schedule:
Official announcement of the contest: 3 November 2014
Deadline for delivering the works: 17 April 2015
Pre Selection: 20-24 April 2015
Announcement of the contest results: 14 May 2015

Announcement of the contest results:
The contest results shall be announced via and on the aforementioned dates.

The date and place of the prize-giving ceremony shall be specified by BABKA on a later date.

Tel: 0 224 211 1327
Fax: 0 224 211 1329
Address: T.C. Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Kalkınma Ajansı
Yeni Yalova Yolu 4. km Buttim İş Merkezi
Buttim Plaza Kat:6 16250 Osmangazi/Bursa/Turkey

Public Prize

The works of the contestant who applied to the contest and passes the initial evaluation, shall be published on the contest’s web page and the works will be put up for public voting.

The purpose of the public voting has been defined as having the people guess the work which will be deemed worthy of the 1st place prize by the jury, through electronic voting. From the people that guessed the works deemed worthy of 1st place prize by the jury, 3 people will be drawn before a notary for a prize.

Public Voting Prize: 3 people will be awarded a tablet computer.


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